Aster Flower Outline Images, Pictures

Asters are beautiful flowers with long stems which helps them to grow anywhere from eight inches to several feet in height. Planting these asters flowers in your back garden will give a beautiful backdrop for smaller flowers and plants. Given here are the Aster Flower Outline Images, Pictures which you can download and admire its beauty. You can also share these wallpapers via online sites and help your friends to feel its beauty.

    As a member of the Asteraceae the flower head is actually a composite (hence the older name Compositae) with both central disc florets and surrounding ray florets. Each floret is a flower in its own right.

    They depend on insects for the purpose of pollination. The seeds of a type of aster that is referred to as Bushy aster, are spread all over the place by the wind.

    Most of them are subspecies of either New England (Aster novae anglias) or New York (Aster nova belgii).

    The family has at least 600 varieties, grouped under genus Aster.

    The most beautiful thing about the aster flower is it comes in different colors like red, purple, and white. Their flowers look like the collections of petals arranged in circular patterns. Download these Aster flower outline images and introduce it to your kids and help them to feel its beauty.

    Asteraceae is the second largest family of flowers.

    Most species of aster are perennial plants (life span: more than 2 years), and only few species are annual (life span: one year) or biennial (life span: two years).

    Flowers of some aster species are used in treatment of migraine, common cold, muscle spasms and sciatica.

    Flowers of aster were smoked in the past due to widespread belief that smoke of this plant protects against evil spirits.

    All participants of the Hungarian revolution that took place at the beginning of the 20th century in Budapest were wearing asters. This event is also known as "Aster revolution" today.

    Aster symbolizes patience, love, good luck and daintiness.

    Asters are ideal present for the people born in September and for the people that celebrate 20th wedding anniversary.

    Asters are also known as "frost flowers" because florists often use these flowers during the autumn and winter for the preparation of various floral arrangements.

    Name "aster" originates from Greek word "aster" which means "star". Name refers to the star-like shape of flower heads.

    Aster propagates via seed or division of the stem. Seed starts to germinate 15 to 30 days after planting.

    Fruit of aster is achene equipped with wings which facilitate dispersal of seed by wind.

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