Delphinium Flower Outline Images, Pictures

Delphinium is a long beautiful, tall spire of blue blooms. It can grow up to 6 feet tall. It is a perennial flowering plant and often also referred to as Larkspur. Here is the great collection of outline images of Delphinium flowers available for downloading and sharing in online platforms. Enjoy sharing these e-cards and pictures in any digital media platform of your desire.

    Historically, parts of delphinium plants have been used to create blue dyes and inks.

    Delphiniums typically grow up to 2.1 metres (7 feet) in height, athough this depends on the species.

    Most delphinium plants and seeds are poisonous to humans as well as to cattle, and ingestion can be fatal, and the plant can also cause irritation to the skin, although the plant has been used in medicine.

    Delphiniums have small, black coloured seeds.

    It is very important to keep delphiniums constantly moist and not to let the plant dry out - this could cause mildew to grow which can ruin the plant.

    Delphinium seeds tend to lose vitality after one year.

    Feel free to take print out of these Delphinium flower outline images to helps your kids to get involved in the coloring activity. You can also use these floral outline images to teach how to draw the outline shape of Delphinium flower with ease.

    Delphiniums need lots of water and are very prone to rotting should they not receive a sufficient amount.

    The inner two to four petals of the flower are called the 'bee'.

    Despite their more dangerous qualities, delphiniums used to be used for improving asthma.

    They can be deadly! Delphinium plants and seeds are very poisonous to both humans and animals and, if consumed, can lead to severe illness, paralyses and even death. Keep them away from your children and pets!

    Delphinium sap can be mixed with the chemical, alum, to make blue ink.

    There are over 400 different types of delphinium species and they come from the ranunculaceae family (buttercups).

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