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Flower pots are artificial pots that help us to grow flowering plants. Those who can't own a garden or land opt to go for having a flower pot to have their own garden in their balconies, sit outs, windows etc., Here are flower pot outline images, pictures. Find here the flower pots in its different shapes.

    Flower pots outline images, pictures for free download are listed here. Browse through our collection for flower pot outlines with plants, flowers, empty flower pot, pot with mud and much more.

    Saffron is a flavoring used in Mediterranean cooking. It is harvested from Crocus sativus, the stigmas of a kind of fall-blooming crocus.

    In botany, avocados and pumpkins are not vegetables but fruits, because they are seed bearing plants. On the contrary, Rhubarb is a vegetable.

    European Explorers viewed pineapple as a fruit that looked like a pine-corn with the flesh of an apple. From this viewpoint, they derived word, pineapple.

    Vanilla flavoring is produced from Vanilla planifolia, a pod of an orchid. Although the pods are known as vanilla beans, they are closer relatives to corn than green beans.

    In the 1600s, tulips were of high value in Holland. Their bulbs were costlier than gold. The fad, known as tulip mania or tulipomania, resulted in the fall of the Dutch economy.

    Even though, ancient Egypt was the first country to record the process of making wine 5000 years ago, there is archaeological evidence proving that grapes had been grown in Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) about 8000 years ago to make wine.

    In Ohio, tomato juice is the official state beverage. This is in honor of A. W. Livingston of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, who played a key role in promoting the tomato in the late 1800s.

    The fastest-developing woody plant in the world is the Bamboo. In a single day, it could grow as fast as 35 inches long.

    The tallest-growing tree in the world is, Sequoia sempervirens, the coast redwood. It grows in California, along the Pacific Coast of the United States.

    Torenia, known as the wishbone flower, is a colour-loving annual. Within its purple, blue or burgundy petals, you will find tiny wishbone-shape stamens.

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