Orange Blossom Flower Outline Images

Orange Blossom is a fragrant flower used in making perfumes. Traditionally, the flower is referred as good fortune and its the state flower of Florida. Its been used in weddings as a bridal bouquets and head wreaths. You can use these images to teach your kids on how to draw orange blossom flower as well use it for flower coloring page activity.

    The leaves of Orange blossoms are shiny and leathery, oblong to elliptic, up to 4 inches long, and have narrow wings on their petioles (leaf stems).

    The Orange twigs on many cultivars are thorny. The bark of the orange tree is greenish-brown color, having axillary spines on the branches.

    The sweet orange tree, which bears the orange blossom, is a compact evergreen tree, 20-30" tall with a rounded, symmetrical crown spreading 15-20" or so.

    The petals on the Orange blossom are linear, sometimes curved lengthwise, and thick.

    Orange blossom is used as a ingredient in desserts and baked goods as delicately scented orange flower water. It is also used in making citrus honey as well used as an important essence in making perfume. Download our orange blossom flowers outlines on a white background and use it for your kids drawing sketch activities. You can also take print out of these images and use it for your personal non-commercial purposes.

    Orange blossoms are perfect, with 5 petals and sepals.

    The Orange blossoms bloom in clusters of 1-6 during in spring and result in oranges the following autumn or winter.

    Orange blossom is the waxy, white blossom of the orange tree.

    The orange blossom is one of the most fragrant flowers in Florida.

    The orange blossom was designated the state flower on Nov.15, 1909.

    The orange blossom, like most citruses, is native to subtropical Southeast Asia.

    The Florida State Flower is the Orange blossom (citrus sinensis).

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