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Every month has a special significance on raising a certain type of flowers and plants. Here we exclusively presents you the great variety of outline images and pics of different flowers that blossom in the month of September. Find here the outline images of different september flowers such as Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Anemone, Bouvardia, Calla Lily, Camellia, Carnation etc., Also take print out of the images at free of cost.

    Some morning glories, such as Ipomoea muricata, are night-blooming flowers.

    The Morning Glory flower unravel into full bloom in the early morning.

    Myosotis alpestris is the state flower of Alaska and Dalsland, Sweden.

    Myosotis flowers are colloquially denominated as "forget-me-not" or "Scorpion grasses" in the Northern Hemisphere.

    The name Myosotis is derived from Greek, meaning "mouse's ear".

    Aster flower symbolises love, deep emotional love and affection, faith, wisdom and colour.

    Are you in search of some cute flower outlines of the September Birth flowers? In different parts of the world, people of different origins believe in different traditions and myths. For every month, people consider particular flower as the birth flower. In the UK, Aster and Myosotis are considered as the birth flower of September, while in the US it is Morning flory and Aster. Just go through these lovely flower outline images under the tag "September Birth Flower" and use the best suitable ones for your non-commercial uses.

    The name Aster is derived from Greek, meaning "star", referring to the shape of the flower head.

    Aster is found in pink, red, white, lilac and mauve.

    In the US, Morning flory and Aster are considered as the birth flower of September month, symbolizing daintiness, love and magic.

    Commonly, the Aster, Myosotis and Morning glory are considered as the birth flowers of September. The Morning glory flower blooms only in the early morning. Some morning flories bloom only in the night. Flowers are the smiles of nature. Such is the beauty and importance of flowers. Just check out our attractive collection of flower outline pictures, ecards of september birth flowers like Aster, Myosotis and morning glory. You could also find here interesting facts, quotes and sayings about september birth flowers.

    In the UK, Aster and Myosotis are considered as the birth flower for the month of September, symbolizing Patience, daintiness and remembrance.

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