Flower Outline Images for Wallpaper

The flowers are one of the beautiful creation of God. They are a lovely gift for mankind. The main attractiveness of flowers lies in its color, softness, and fragrance. The below section of this page provides you with the Flower Outline Images, Pictures which you can use as in your wallpaper, screensaver, desktop background etc. You can download any number of images from here for non-commercial purposes.

    The vanilla we use to flavor cakes, cookies and other foods is made from the pods of the Vanilla planifolia orchid.

    Many flowers make beautiful dyes. Add mint and lemon juice to roses and lavender to make a bright pink. Try foxgloves, lilacs or snapdragons for green.

    There are lots of flowers you can eat, including apple blossoms, daylilies, roses and squash blossoms. Never eat any part of a plant that has been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

    For centuries, flowers have been used in magic. Crocus were thought to bring about visions, while dandelions were believed to aid healing.

    Flowers are known for attracting our sights. That is the reason why many poets often compare the beauty with the flower. Here we have compiled some best flower outline images under this "Wallpaper" category. These images can be downloaded, printed and shared. This gallery will impress the flower lovers in a great extent.

    Roses are the most popular flowers in the U.S., followed by lilies, orchids and daisies.

    America’s oldest landscaped garden, Middleton Place, is in Charleston, SC. Designed by Henry Middleton in the 1740s, it was inspired by classical gardens in Europe and England.

    The biggest flower in the world is also the smelliest. The bloom on ‘Rafflesia arnoldii’, also known as the corpse flower for its odor, measures some three feet in diameter.

    Water-meal, a type of duckweed, is the smallest flower in the world. It’s the size of a candy sprinkle, and weighs about as much as two grains of salt.

    Daffodils are used as currency for Prince Charles, he is paid one daffodil a year as rent for his lands on the Island of Scilly and off the coast of Cornwall.

    Surprisingly sunflower stems were used to fill life jackets. Floating sunflower rafts have been used to clean up water contamination from the Chernobyl disaster.

    Queen Victoria loved flowers so much that she wore an orange floral wreath instead of the expected crown.

    Broccoli is harvested before the flower buds fully open and eaten as a vegetable. Maybe it’s time we start incorporating broccoli in floral arrangements.

    During World War II tulip bulbs were claimed to taste awful and dry however many kept hunger at bay by eating tulip bulbs. Some families used tulips in place of onions.

    Roses share a relation with almonds, apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, and pears. Roses have what’s called rose hips which are a berry fruit in some roses.

    Gerberas emit oxygen and absorb carbon monoxide and toxins at night, this was said to be especially helpful for anyone suffering from sleep apnea.

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